Vanguards Academy gives ample opportunities to its students to participate in as many as possible religious, social and academic clubs. The belief of the School Management is that through social interaction, students will be able to develop acceptable manners, appreciate and accommodate individual differences and cultivate the culture of team work from their

early life. Indeed, our students have varieties of societies from which they can voluntarily choose. Among these clubs are the following:


Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN)

This is a society for students in senior classes i.e. S.S.1 to S.S.3. It organises many programmes such as camping, weekly lectures on various topics on Islam and other intellectual and interactive programmes.

Objectives of the society are:

1. To bring all Muslims into closer union and inculcate in them the true Islamic spirit of brotherhood and absolute faith in ALLAH as the only basis for the achievement of peace among mankind.

2. To establish a spiritually and morally based community governed by the principles and rules of ALLAH.

3. To encourage the study of the Glorious Qur’an as the Holy Book and Arabic Language

as the lingua franca of the Islamic world.

4. To promote the general welfare of the Muslims and safeguard their fundamental rights

in any community.

5. To constitute a strong force for the propagation and strengthening of Islam.

6. To champion the cause of the oppressed in any community.

The major impacts of the organisation on the students are three folds. These are ideology (understanding), orientation and training. In specific terms, it has inculcated correct Islamic ideology in the students, built the capacity of the students in the areas of managerial and leadership skills through coordination of meetings and other programmes, provided the students with the avenues to interact with their fellow Muslim students and others outside Odosengolu and imbibed in the students some Islamic cultures and etiquettes such as etiquette of sitting, travelling and conversation.


The Young Muslims Association (TYMA)

One of the most active clubs in the school is the Young Muslims Association.Membership of the club are mainly students in the junior classes i.e. J.S.S.1 to J.S.S.3. The club provides a platform for social interaction and God consciousness for the students. It is a club all students love to be part of. Objectives of this club include:

1. To make children understand and know the benefits of worship.

2. To make children get used to Islamic manners and etiquettes.

3. To inculcate in their minds respect for worship.

4. To make them develop affection for the Qur’an and the sayings of the Holy Prophet

in accordance with their age.

5. To develop the love of Allah and His Prophet in the children.

6. To acquaint children with Islamic poems and train them to memorize them.

7. To discover talented and brilliant ones among them and give them proper orientation

to play prominent leadership roles in the future.

The club has contributed a lot in raising the level of God consciousness,moral uprightness and the spirit of brotherhood in the members. The club members see themselves as a member of the same family and share their joys and sadness.


Vanguards Academy Press Club (VAPC)

This is a voluntary club for students having journalistic instinct and are willing to put their thoughts into writing. These are the people of pen. Objectives of the club are basically:

1. To help students identify their hidden potentials in the art of writing and reporting.

2. To encourage the spirit of seeking information among students.

3. To establish a solid foundation for would-be journalists in the nearest


4. To create awareness on the happenings in school environment and beyond.

Through the writings of the members of the club, members of the school community are always on their guard. The club has helped to wage a serious battle against any form of lapse. Apart from this, the club has developed in its members, the spirit of investigative reporting. Members of the club are in charge of the School’s annual magazine,

The Vanguards.


Literary and Debating Society

It is a society that encourages students in the art of speech making, essay

writing and debating. The association is aimed at achieving the following:

1. To develop the writing and speaking skills in the students.

2. To inculcate reading culture in the students.

3. To develop the art of public speaking.

4. To instil confidence in students to be able to speak whenever there is need to do so.

The association has participated in series of debates and competitions within and outside

the school. It has won a number of laurels and instilled some measure of boldness and composure in the students who have been making speeches in public fora, whether before their colleagues or the elderly ones.


Egbe Akeko Yoruba (Yoruba Students Association)

This is an association for students offering Yoruba as a subject and those who are interested in promoting the Language that is one of the major languages in the

country. The association has the following objectives:

1. To instil the love for the mother tongue in the students.

2. To understand the benefits of learning their mother tongue.

3. To identify the natural potentials they have in the speaking of their mother tongue.

4. To encourage writing and interpreting of books into Yoruba for the purpose of enlightenment.

5. To be bold and fluent in speaking Yoruba in the public.

6. To encourage the aspiration to be Yoruba specialists and researchers.

Since its formation,members of the association have been participating in seminars and workshops on Yoruba Language, they have also improved themselves and others in speaking the language and also participated in Yoruba Essay competitions.


Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists (JETS) Club

This is an association for science students. It was formed to serve the following objectives:

1. To improve the performance of students in the knowledge of science and technology.

2. To develop students’ interest in science related subjects.

3. To build future scientists.

4. To encourage the use of locally made materials in building some projects.

The association has made some laudable efforts. It participated in the National Technology Expo, Abuja (2008). It recorded a good performance at the First Bank and Cowbell Competitions. Apart from these, it has produced a locally made periscope, a locally made table lamp, Mathematical games like Ludo

Maths and factor-set table among others.