Our Code of Conduct

The following rules govern the conduct of our staff:

  • They shall be kind, accommodating,strict, modest, just and fair.
  • Shall be humane in dealing with the students as human beings bearing in mind that they have different intellectual and physical abilities and seek to meet their individual educational needs.
  • Shall show genuine interest in the welfare of each student and deal justly and impartially with them regardless of their physical, mental, emotional, economic, social, racial or religious backgrounds and shall never use abusive word on any of them.
  • Shall motivate the students for mental, physical, moral and spiritual development.
  • Shall not exploit the students physically by making them do private work, or to run any other errand during the school hours.
  • Shall promptly attend to the complaints about students’ health, or relationship with other students.
  • Shall desist from making damaging or defamatory comment upon a student or derogatory insinuations about his/her home.
  • Shall be a role model for the students by being clean, tidy, punctual, truthful, trustworthy and disciplined.

Our Uniquness

The thought that gave birth to Vanguards Academy (VA) is pure and unique,in the sense that it envisions and nurtures a unique educational institution. In order not to be just another school, the owners have brought to bear, positively, the experience of many a number of tested performers and achievers not only in the field of education, but indeed in all life endeavours.

Our Academy is also unique in the sense that it provides for students’ comprehensive education for self actualization of individual potentials, moral perfection and visionary leadership in all spheres of life. This is reflected by the school’s motto: Education for life. Our desire is to produce a leader out of any child that enrols for study in the Academy. So our principles which are guided by our belief is to develop the totality of the child, that is, one who is morally, mentally and physically sound to face the challenges of modern and globalised world towards realizing the essence of life.