VA Golden Tips

  • Be friendly.
  • Learn to smile.
  • Be patient always.
  • Speak the truth always.
  • Be forgiving all the time.
  • Read your books always.
  • Do the right thing
  • At the right time
  • In the right way
  • At the right place.
  • Have good concern for others.
  • Be the first in doing good things.
  • Love others as you love yourself

V – Visionary in Life

A – Articulate in Speech

N – Natural in Disposition

G – Good in Character

U – Understanding in Interaction

A – Advanced in knowledge

R – Resolute to Succeed

D – Diligent at Work

S – Sincere in Action


A – Analytical in Mind

C – Creative in Ideas

A – Active in Learning

D – Decisive in Situations

E – Enlightened in Thought

M – Missionary in Task

Y – Youthful in Physical


V - Very Versatile Vicegerent

A - An Accomplished Achiever

N - Nice Neat Noble

G - Gracious Great Guide

U - Upright Universal Umpire

A - An Amiable Ambassador

R - Rare Resourceful Reformer

D - Determined Daring Disciplinarian

S - Sanguine Seasoned Scholar


A - An Authoritative Administrator

C - Celebrated Competent Controller

A - An Astute Advocate

D - Distinguished Dynamic Diplomat

E - Efficiently Effective Enthusiast

M - Model Meticulous Manager

Y - Yearning Young Youth


V - Very dedicated to your goals

A - Always there for us

N - Never tired to help Us succeed in life

G…Generous to all

U - Understanding in all ways

A - Active in all positive areas

R - Relentless in your efforts

D - Disciplined all the time

S - Simply the best in all things


A…Around to keep our dreams alive

C…Caring for us

A - A friend in deed

D - Determined to succeed

E - Everlasting in our hearts

M - My lovely alma mater

Y - Yearning to do good always