The School has specially designed its curricular and co-curricular activities to reinforce the three educational domains i.e. cognitive, affective and psychomotor while adopting all modern methods to impact knowledge and develop skills.

The School operates an integrated comprehensive curriculum for its students. This consists of National Curriculum and State Unified Curriculum Scheme. Islamic curriculum is also adapted wherever necessary.

The learning process includes class work, prep, individual and group assignments and study visits. In all these activities, emphasis is on interactive exchange between the students and staff, among the students themselves and indeed, on students’ reflection on their own experiences.

Subjects taught in the school are classified into three. These are Science, Commercial and Arts and Humanities. As a matter of distinction, the subjects can be broken down as follow:

  1. Languages
    • English Language, Literature in English, Arabic, French and Nigerian Languages like Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo.
    • Mathematics and Technology
    • Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Basic Technology and Information Technology.
  2. Science
    • Basic Science
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Agricultural Science
    • Home Economics and Food and Nutrition.
  3.  Business
    • Economics
    • Commerce and Financial Account.
    • Humanities
    • Social Studies
    • History
    • Government
    • Geography
    • Physical and Health Education

Depending on their interest and natural inclination, students have a wide range of subjects to pick from. Since the Management of Vanguards Academy is guided by standard, teachers handling these subjects are either graduates of Polytechnic or University. A greater percentage of these teachers have master degrees in various subjects. There is also in-house training to enhance their delivery power and human relations.