Admission policy

Each year, Vanguards Academy admits students into Junior Secondary School (JSS) 1. Such students must have attained age 10 (and maximum of 12 years) and also be in their terminal classes. The School's Management traditionally advertises admission space in some national newspapers and through other means such as leaflets and its website.

Application forms are sold to students intending to study at Vanguards Academy. All applicants undertake entrance examination that is conducted between March and April every year. Students are tested on English Language, Mathematics, Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning,Religious studies and General Paper. Any applicant who scores 60% in English Language, Mathematics and overall aggregate is invited for an oral interview to help assess the composure of the applicants, his/her communication skill and appreciation of current affairs and religious background. The scores of the interview and that of the entrance examination are therefore the basis for admission. However other factors such as available space and the changing management and government policies determine the number of students offered admission every year. Frankly speaking, the School's Management is sensitive and ever conscious of the need to maintain gender balance, geographical and cultural diversity.

Successful candidates are published in the national dailies and admission letters are either sent by e-mail directly to successful applicants or obtained in the School by applicants or their parents/guardians.

You are welcome to join the "Vanguards Family."